2-10 2x 343 28,270 4.2 1190 3.4 968
Alinda has a 3/13 Sanchez daughter

Nominated Jr. All-American Aged Cow 2014
1st Aged Cow, Senior & Grand Champion, NY Spring Jr. Holstein Show 2014
3rd Aged Cow, NY Spring International Holstein Show 2014
Due April 2015 to Doorman
Add ‘She has a very fancy 2014 Brokaw’
Reserve All-NY 5-Year-Old 2013
Junior All-NY 5-Year-Old 2013
5th 5-year-old, International Junior Holstein Show 2013
1st 5-year-old Western NY Regional Show 2013
3rd 5-year-old (Sr. Champion, Jr. Show), NY State Fair 2013
1st 5-year-old & Res. Grand Champ., NYSF Youth Show 2013
1st 4-year-old & HM Grand Champion, NYSF Youth Show 2012
2nd 4-year-old (open) & 1st and HM Grand Champion (Jr.), NYSF Open Show 2012
4th 4-year-old, Premier National Jr. Show 2012
3rd 4-year-old, Eastern Fall National 2012

Dam: Annalea Gibson Alison EX-92
5th 4-year-old Quebec Spring Show 2012