EX-91, 92-MS

1-10 2x 322 24,210 4.2 1011 2.9 694 (Inc.)
Fresh 2/20/13 with a Windbrook heifer
Has two 11/12 Lauthority daughters and a 4/12 Sid daughter

HHM All-NY Sr. 3-Year-Old 2013
Res. Junior All-NY Sr. 3-Year-Old 2013

8th Sr. 3-year-old, International Jr. Holstein Show 2013
1st Sr. 3-year-old, Intermediate & Grand Champion, Western NY Regional Show 2013
1st Sr. 2-year-old & Int. Champion NY Spring Jr. Show 2012

2011 Show Results:
1st Milking Fall Yearling & Intermediate Champion International Junior Holstein Show
2nd Milking Fall Yearling NY State Fair Holstein Show
8th Milking Fall Yearling International Holstein Show

2010 Show Results:
1st Fall Calf & HM Jr. Champion NY Spring Jr. Holstein Show
4th Fall Calf NY International Spring Show

Sire: Gen-Mark Stmatic Sanchez
Dam: Siemers Durham Hia 6333-ET (EX-91, EX-MS GMD-DOM)
4-07 3x 365d 61,150 3.7 2241 3.0 1821